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Barie Fez-Barringten:

1011 LaPaloma Blvd., N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903; U.S.A. (239) 217 0783 www.

International Business Development And Management Executive;

Marketing,; Organizing Companies.; Joint Ventures; Associations And Corporate Business Strategies. Contract Management, Project Management; Recruiting And Manning.

Senior Architect With Over Forty Years Design, Supervision, And Business Experience In Multinational Environment; Including Mid-East, Europe, Asia, And The Orient. With Direct Contacts And Access To Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Germany, Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, Etc.

Employment History

Jan 2008- 2008 Design Manager Vanir CM Inc/ SDC Global Barwa City Doha, Qatar

Jan 2000- 2006 Plans examiner; Lee county Development Services; Building codes, FEMA, flooding, hurricane, zoning, planning, etc.

Nov 1998 to 1999: Business Development Manager for Al-Muhaidib Trading & Contracting Co.Dammam, KSA

Nov 1997 to Nov. 1998 Projects manager and Architect for Saudi ARAMCO’s Central Area Project Design and Construction Department for RSAL. Dammam, K.S.A.

Nov. 1996 to Nov. 1997: Executive and Senior Projects Manager for CDE including Business Development to Petrochemical, Industrial and Telecommunications sectors including project design management for Saudi / Japanese Pharmaceutical Factory, Saudi Arabian International Schools; STCE Jubail Family Compound; and for Saudi Projacs design review for new SABIC headquarter and Saudi British Bank Jeddah Regional Office Building, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 1991 to Sept. 1996: Associate Professor, full-time; and, advisor for new campus plan; King Faisal University; College of Architecture and Planning.

Dammam, K.S.A. Overseeing the work of French Consultants.

Oct. 1988 to Aug. 1991: Marketing, Consulting, and general practitioner to various builders and contractors in Lee Co., FL; as well as completed project architect assignment to Frizzell Architects for three (3) $25M high schools in Duvall and Orange Counties; and, Collins and Dupont Interior designers:

FT. Myers, Florida.

Aug. 1981 to Sept. 1988: Marketing and Consultant architect to CRS / Sirrine; F.E. Basil; ARAMCO.; University of Petroleum and Minerals; Ministries of Interior, Defense, Health & Education; and various members of the Royal Family and private businessmen for projects as hospitals, schools, stadiums, villages, military camps, bunkers, airport facilities, concert halls, auditoriums, exhibition and convention centers and hotels varying from $1.5M to $1.50m in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 1979 to July 1981: Associate Professor, Dept. of Building Construction, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Texas A & M University: College Station, Texas.

July 1974 to Aug. 1979: On-site project manager / clerk-of-the-works construction administrator for $90M value for Gulf Oil Corporation’s Reston, VA. Corporate high-rise building, computer facility and laboratories and research building in Houston, TX; and, small office building in Odessa, Texas, U.S.A.

Oct. 1972 to June 1974: Corporate architect for $2M volume for People Protective Life Insurance Co. in Jackson, TN, Land Development Div. designing clubhouses, line of homes, restaurants, "newtown" site planning, condominiums, townhouses, Planned Unit Developments and subdivisions.

May 1969 to Oct. 1972: Marketing Architectural consultant and drafting services to various builders, contractors and real estate developers in both New York City and New Haven, Connecticut; USA.

Feb. 1965 to Jan. 1968: Marketing in private practice including $3M worth of P.U.D., shopping centers and small office buildings, including one year on the board as draftsman for Kahn & Jacobs, New York City, U.S.A.

Feb. 1968 to April 1969: Sales, Marketing and architect as designer for Schmillpfennig, Ruiz & Gonzalez Architects, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico designing high-rise office buildings, Cayey Vocational High School, Ron Rico Bottling Plant, Santurce Police Station, various shops, large low-cost housing project; as well as direct contract for the Dept. of Education for Island Wide Plan for Public Libraries.

July 1962 to Dec. 1964: Job Captain, design architect, and architectural draftsman for Edward Durrell Stone, Morris Lapidus and Designs for Business for universities, high-rise buildings hospitals, condominiums and trade and office buildings: New York City, U.S.A.

Dec. 1958 to Jun. 1962: Sales and marketing for BuilDesign Corporation in New York City, NY.


Established Connections: Banks and Financial Institutions; Government and

Municipal Agencies, Manufacturing and Commercial Companies.Including

Petrochemical Agricultural and Telecommunications. Carry out basic market

Research; establishing market sectors, contract and demand opportunities; estimate

contracts start schedules and probable business and contract values. Identify potential

clients, contacts and project types; and, register and pre-qualify company for selection,

pre-qualification and requests for proposals, bids and negotiations.

Joint Ventures /Associations: With Korean, Puerto Rican, Saudi, American, German, French, Italian, Argentinean, Spanish, Greek, Japanese and Indian companies, persons and organizations. Establish business and operating companies as well as affiliates and associates for contract -specific business. Including companies such as Hyundai, Dae Lim, Snamborjetti, Jacobs Eng., CRSS Int’l, Taylor Woodrow, ABB, E D Stone JR, Foster Wheeler, AG&P. and KPF (London);

Direct Sales & Marketing: Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Houston, Texas, Architectural and Engineering Consulting in new York city, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Florida, Puerto Rico, Germany, Japan, France, Korea, Panama, England, Austria, Canada, Operations, Maintenance, and Construction company services as well as related products and Retail Sales.

Business Development: Maintain company profile in business and financial community by leadership in business and professional membership organizations, including public speaking. In addition, organizing major events.

Client Companies: Include Saudi Aramco, SCECO, Prince Sultan Foundation, Saudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Company, JGC, Gulf Oil Corporation, Texaco, Kuwait Oil Company, Bahrain Petroleum Company, AT&T, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies International, Saudi British Bank, National Commerce Bank, James Talcott, City Corp, Saudi Arabian International Schools, US Embassy, US Consulate, Bigelow Carpets, and others, such as: State university of New York in Albany, Pratt Institute, Yale University, Puerto Rico’s Departments of Education and Public Works and Police(Puerto Rico and New York) ; Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior and (Presidency of)Youth Welfare; King Faisel University; King Saud University; University of Petroleum and Minerals; Japan Embassy;United States Training Mission,Corps of Engineers,U>S> Army, u.s. Airforce, General Engineering Services, U>S> Department of the Interior;Consolidated Edison of New York, Saudi Arabian Basic Industries, Jubail and Yanbu Royal Commission; El Mundo, Ron Rico, Quality Court Motor Inns, and Saudi Fisheries

Contracts: Negotiate, Originate, Author, Write, Ammend, Change and Administer the conduct of carrying the work in New York, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia for Industrial, Commercial, Petrochemical, Government, and Private sector. Overseeing and Monitoring contracts with Brown & Root, Fluor, Parsons, Haliburton, DMJM, SOM; SI Morris; CRSS; Gilbert Int.; Fisk Elec.; and others. Program and planning, write business plans for Company and new venture start-ups and regrouping of business conglomerate: Island-wide plan for Public Libraries. Write and design company brochures. Prospective, Estimates, and descriptions to market both company and project. Campus planning: Land use, new town, Planned Unit Developments Site- planning. Including schools colleges, museums, parks, playgrounds, and urban centers. Fairfax County Hospital. Develop zoning and building code standards for various municipalities in Saudi Arabia USING U.S. Uniform Building Code. Including project financial feasibility. Site evaluations prospective sites and approvals by governmental authorities.

Engineering Coordination Select types, sizes and characteristics of structural, mechanical and electrical systems. Coordinate work of engineers. Design special structural systems building forms. Design lighting. Coordinate specialty engineering for computer, medical and security buildings for Computer Information Systems, communications, temperature and climate control, maintenance, lighting, fire suppression, special power (UPS etc.) chemicals, hydraulics, flood control, radio and information distribution and telephone. Coordinate value-engineering studies, shop drawings, clearances, modifications, and adjustments to manufactures and field conditions.

Background Data Yale University, 1968, Masters of Architecture; Pratt Institute, 1962, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Registered Architect in Florida; American Institute of Architects, Member since 1971; National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, certified since 1972. & Building Officials Association of Florida; Contract to publish by John Wiley & Sons; published by Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture & many learned pier reviewed journals. Teaching experience; Drawings and artwork exhibited in art galleries including Gary David Design Estero, Florida. . Member Al-Umran Saudi Assoc. since 1991. New York School of Interior Design, certificate May 1956, Founding President of Architects International Group of the Mideast (AIG/ME) since 1992. Establish AIG/ME as provider of AIA Continuing Education and give presentations to AIA in Paris and regularly in Saudi Arabia. Well traveled in many European business centers, Caribbean, Mideast, India, and Philippines. With established contacts in most Eastern Hemisphere business centers. Continuous employment in Saudi Arabia since August 1981.

Construction Administration and Documents: Carry out quality control system for testing, inspection, scheduling, documentation, and communication. For three (3) high schools in Duvall and Orange Counties, Florida. Packaging” on-site observation, inspection and reporting progress and quality of the work. Prepare “Change Order” and respond to “Request for information”.

Teaching Experience: Pratt Institute; Ohio University: New York University; Texas A&M University: University of Petroleum and Minerals; and King Faisel University; include courses in marketing, contracts, management and project management and procedures.

Additional Experience

Most Microsoft Computer programs & applications; and, for Serge Chermayeff, E.D. Stone M. Lapdus and Professional Journals. Manage in-house professional staff of 100, of 30, and of 10

Develop programs for building operations and maintenance including security, janitorial. HVA/C plant and tenant change. Providing Detailed Estimates of Construction Cost and detailed quantity surveys and inventories of material, equipment, and labor.

Specifications Select and define building systems, materials, procedures, tests, sequencing and approval manufacturers. Modify CSI Standards in Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia and New York City.

Design Schools, hospitals, detention facilities, laboratories, computer buildings, office buildings, condominiums, hotels and shopping centers from $250.00 to $50M each... Expedite for permit approvals. Convert “pole” barn to restaurant. Design cultural center including symphony hall, underground parking etc. projects including offices, schools restaurants and libraries.

Working drawings Plan and schedule sheets Monitor and update to meet deadlines and achieve cost control dimensions. Interpret design intent coordinate with staff and office and establish standards and team captain telephone building and Greenwich Saving Bank; high-rise apartment buildings; and school buildings

Ideal employer: aggressive interstate, multi-national, and/or international growth-oriented A&E consultant and/or construction contracting and/or (construction) projects management company located in major urban centers and seeking to diversify, expand and/or enjoy opportunity of emerging new business opportunity in a local or foreign market.

Summary: Fully responsible to carry out joint venture and business development, including market penetration, business and project organization, start-up of business, project and company development in foreign, inter-state, and/or local areas. Work includes all aspects of planning, sourcing, list creation and maintenance, marketing, including direct and indirect sales, structuring and restructuring, recruiting, manning and contract and client/customer monitoring, including financial planning and reporting.

Note: Complete academic curriculum vitae, detailed resume and references available upon request.

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