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BarieFez-Barringten A.I.A.; N.C.A.R.B.:emeritus professor;239 217 0783;

Date: June, 2008


CV Summary and a List of Courses Formerly Taught

Received Masters of Architecture from Yale University's School of Architecture and is currently a USA Licensed Architect in the State of Florida while being qualified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (N.C.A.R.B.) for license in all other U.S.A. States since 1970 (30 years). From 1981 to 1994 held Texas Real Estate Brokers status and was Houston Chapter's Project Management Institute's Academic Chairman. With 4551 total teaching hours for 111 credits in 41 semesters began teaching part time in 1970 for Pratt Institute. Received Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture and appointed Associate Professor teaching full time in graduate and undergraduate programs for Texas A & M University in College Station Texas. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since August 1981 serving as consultant to ARAMCO, various other ministries and private companies including one summer semester of teaching at King Fahd's University of Petroleum and Minerals. (K.F.U.P.M.) An A.I.A. Member since 1971, founding president emeritus of "Architect's International Group" of the mid-east (A.I.G./M.E.) petitioning the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A.) in Washington to become chartered to serve its' members in the Gulf and especially in Saudi Arabia. Publications in learned Journals (refereed) include "Main Currents in Modern Thought" and Beirut Arab University's Scientific Journal; and England's "Open House". Several books include Project Management (contract to publish by John Wiley and Sons, N.Y.C.), architecture and metaphors.Fine art pen and ink drawings in U.S.A. collections by private connoisseurs and art galleries. Currently hold invitation to guest lecture and visit at Riyadh's "Al-Umran", Turkey's "Istanbul Technical University", Germany's "Bauhouse"; Leipzig University, Halle's "Burg Giebichenstein; Sarasota, Florida's (U.S.A.) "Ringling School of Design." Published in "WHO's WHO in the South" (U.S.A.) since 1974. A former member of the KFU Technical Committee for the New KFU Campus Plan being carried out by Paris' O.T.H. Int'l with Jeddah IDEA Center. Major Architectural and Interior Design Projects include hospitals housing, high-rise office and residential towers, hotels, university campus plan, computer centers, laboratories, new towns and planned unit developments, shopping centers and malls; and, many very small individual projects including residences, police stations, factories, shops, schools, terminals etc.

Currently involved in research about architecture and metaphors, and formerly teaching full time. At KFU has taught "Project Procedures", Contract Documents, Professional Practice, Cost Management, Research and Programming and various upper level Design Studios. Qualified by Texas A & M University, Pratt Institute and University of Houston to teach and conduct graduate programs including instruction, seminars and thesis. Completed teaching graduate courses include Tropical Architecture (Climatology and Bio-climatic design) Project Management, Legal Aspects, Design Thesis and Graduate Interior Design.

Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239-217 0783;

Barie Fez-Barringten


Career Synopsis

Barie Fez-Barringten professes architecture in two primary roles. As a former associate professor at King Faisal University in Dammam, and founding president of AIG/ME (Architects International Group of the Mid-East); a registered provider of American Institute of Architects Continuing Education in Saudi Arabia. Earlier in his career he was on the faculties of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; Texas A & M University; University of Houston; University of Ohio and, Pratt Institute in New York City.

His second role is practicing as an architectural professional where he has held architectural registrations in Puerto Rico, New York, Tennessee, and Texas, and now in Iowa and Flordia. His projects include large university campuses; newtowns; high schools; high-rise office, apartment, and hotel buildings; regional shopping centers; specialty computer and hospital buildings; and several large interior design projects.

He has worked for such large multi-national companies as Gulf Oil Corporation and the Arabian American Oil Company in the role of project manager which provided him with the material to author a yet unpublished book called "Project Manual Standards" (P.M.S.). He has held several important business positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in marketing and business administration for contracting and trade businesses. In each he has written business and organization plans.

His drawings have been exhibited in art galleries and collected by conniseurs, while he himself has dedicated his professional life to first experience the metaphors he creates and professes. He therefore founded the Laboratories for Metaphoric Environments Inc., a New York not-for-profit corporation and now after many years of practice continues to write about metaphors in the places he has experienced most; U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, Germany, India and the Phillipines.

Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239 -217 0783.

Barie Fez-Barringten





Registered Architect :: Flordia

Certified :: National Council of Architectural Registration Boards: #11539

Broker :: Texas Real Estate Commission

Registered Interior Designer :: Connecticut

Memberships: :: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

:: American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

:: American Society of Civil Engineers (Associate) (ASCE)

:: Al-Umran Association, (Saudi Arabia)

:: American Businessmen's Association (Saudi Arabia) (ABA)

:: German Businessmen's Association (Saudi Arabia) (GBA)

:: United States Military Training Mission/Mission Inn, (USMTM) (Saudi Arabia)


Pratt Institute: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1962

Environmental Design

(Interior Design/Interior Architecture)

Yale University: Master of Architecture 1968

New York School Certificate of Interior Design: 1956

Columbia University/ (Electives and extra-curricula studies) 1955-1958

Yale University Law, Civil Engineering, City Planning,

Urban Renewal, Behavioral-Psychology,

Sociology and Communications.

Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone 239 217 0783

Barie Fez-Barringten




Technical Committee for Campus :: King Faisal University

Planning and Design.

Founder and President :: Pratt Institute's Broadcasting Club

Curricula Committee :: Pratt Institute

Editor: "Perspecta" :: Yale's Architectural Journal

Editor: "Chermayeff's Report on Urban Planning to U.S.Bureau of Standards

Extensive travel to eighty European Cities -Case Studies and Reports

Environmental Pollution Control ::

Devices and Methods :: Germany

Student Employment and Career Director :: Yale University and Pratt Institute

Membership activities:

A.I.A. :: Treasurer, Urban Design Subcommittee

:: Founder and President;

A.I.A. Provider of Continuing Education Architects International Group of the Middle East (A.I.G./M.E.)

Yale University :: Scholarship and Fellowship Administrator

Project Management Institute :: Academic Chairman/Houston Chapter

Former Memberships:

Houston Board of Realtors: USA

Tennessee State Committee of the Arts

National Associate of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE)

Chamber of Commerce: Houston; College Station/Bryan: Texas

National Trust for Historic Preservation: U.S.A.

Urban Land Institute: U.S.A.

Project Management Institute (PMI): International

Newspapers: :: Saudi Gazette

:: Arab News

:: New York Times

:: Daily News

:: New York Post

:: San Juan Star

:: El Mundo ("pop architecture")

:: El Imparcial

:: Houston Chronicle

:: Gulf Oil Paper

Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239 217 0783

Barie Fez-Barringten



King Faisal University :: Associate Professor (1991- 1996)

College of Architecture and

Planning, Department of Architecture,

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

King Fah'd University of Petroleum & Minerals

College of Environmental Design :: Associate Professor (Summer: 1983)

Architecture Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Texas A & M University :: Associate Professor (1979 - 1981)

College of Architecture & Environmental

Design Department of Building

Construction; Undergraduate and

Graduate Program; College Station, Texas

University of Houston :: Assistant Professor (1977 - 1979)

College of Architectur, Houston, Texas

Pratt Institute :: Adjunct Instructor (1969 - 1973)

Department of Architecture

Undergraduate and Graduate Program,

New York City, (Brooklyn)

Pratt institute's Open School :: Professor (1972 - 1973)

New York City, (Manhattan)

Ohio University :: Adjunct Professor (1973)

College of Architecture, Athens, Ohio

Parsons School of Design :: Guest Lecturer (1971)

Department of Interior Design

New York City College :: Guest Lecturer (1970 - 1972)

Department of Environmental Psychology

Laboratories for Metaphoric Environments (1970 - 1973)

All Areas/Workshops/Seminars

Yale University :: Lecturer (1967)

"Architecture as the making of

metaphors" - Lecture series.

Ringling School of Design :: Guest Critic (1990)

Sarasota, Florida

Department of Interior Design



Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239 217 0783

Barie Fez-Barringten


Detailed Teaching History:

Description Credit Semester

King Faisal University (1991-1996)

College of Architecture & Planning

-Design IX 5 3

-Design X 5 2

-Contract Documents 3 1

-Professional Practice (Interior Architecture) 3 1

-Research and Programming 3 1

King Fahd University of-(1983-Summer Semester)

Petroleum & Minerals

-College of Architecture & Environmental Design

-Contract Documents 5 1

Texas A & M University- (1979-1981)

-Construction Operations 4 6

-Project Management 4 1

University of Houston-(1977-1979)

-Project Management & Real Estate Development 4 1

-Theory of Architecture 3 1

Ohio University -(1979)

-Architectural Design - Senior Class 5 1

Pratt Institute-(1970-73)

-Theory and Methodology 3 2

-Architectural Design - Freshman year 5 1

-Architectural Design - Junior year 5 2

-Tropical Architecture - Master degree 5 2

-Climatology - Master degree program 3 1

-Bio-Climatic Design - Masters degree program 3 1

-Introduction to Architecture 4 2

-Architecture The Making of Metaphors 4 1

-Laboratories for Metaphoric Environments 6 1

-Thesis Design - Senior Design 5 1

-Open School 3 2

Guest Lecturer:

Yale University - (1968)

Laboratories for Metaphoric Environments (1970-1973)

New York City University (on 42nd Street) (1972)

Parsons School of Design (1972)

Approximate Teaching Years (15) 90 34


Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239 217 0783

Barie Fez-Barringten


Professional Non-teaching:

List of Projects:

Orange County High School :: Florida

Duvall County High School :: Florida

Lee County High School Florida

Various Residences :: Naples,Estero, Fort Meyers

High-Rise Condominiums :: Naples,Florida; Hartford, Conn;NYC

Internal Security Forces Housing Project :: (11 Cities in Saudi Arabia)

Sports Club :: Riyadh, K.S.A.

Various Buildings :: ARAMCO/Eastern Province

Banks/NCB/Saudi British/SAMBA :: K.S.A.

Reston Virginia :: Fairfax County, Virginia

Gulf Oil Data Center :: Houston, Texas

Gulf Oil Laboratory :: Houston, Texas

Gulf Oil Building :: Houston, Texas

Gulf Oil Regional Building :: Oddessa, Texas

Sugar Tree :: Sugar Tree, Tennessee

English Mountain :: Sevier County, Tennessee

Bank (High Rise) :: New York, New York

Elmundo High Rise :: Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Homacao Police Station :: Homaco, Puerto Rico

Las Modas :: Condado, Puerto Rico

Ron Rico Bottling Plant :: Mayequez, Puerto Rico

Island Wide Plan for Public Libraries :: Puerto Rico (all)

State University of New York in Albany :: Albany, New York

James Talcott; Factorers :: New York, New York

High-Rise Apartment Building :: Washington, D.C.

High-Rise Office Building :: Manhattan, New York

Hotels :: Manhattan, New York

Shopping Centers :: Connecticut and New York

Telephone Buildings :: Manhattan, New York

Bigelow Carpet Showroom :: Manhattan, New York

Dallas Cowboy's restaurant :: Manhattan, New York

Barwa City: Doha, Qatar

SAJAPHCO (pharmaceutical laboratory) Jehhah, Saudi Arabia

Various Development Orders for County Fort Myers, Florida

Architectural Personal References: (D: eleceased)

(D) Charles W. Moore; Vincent Scully; (D) Paul Weiss; Forrest Wilson; Edward Durrell Stone Jr.;

(D) Fredrich Kiesler; James Polchek; Alexander Goldfine; Sherry DuPont; (D)Morris and Allan Lapidus; Der Scutt; R. Jacobs; Louis Roth Jr.; Lewis Skidmore; Gerald Luss; Maurice Mogulesque; Mohammed Mutlaq Al-Yaha; Walter Scott; Arnold Friedman; Jamie Cobas; Leonard Colshimiro; E.B. Kaletsky; (D) Eloy Ruiz; Gordon Bunshaft; (D) James Sterling; (D) (D) Gio Ponte; (D) Henry Salzman; (D) Sidney Katz; (D) Buckminister Fuller; Palo Soleri; (D) Louis Kahn; Rudolf Birtell; Wolfgang Bley; Sasha Illich; Tse Moy Ling; Peter Millard; Charles Brewer; Phillip Johnson; (D) Paul Rudolph; Stanley Torgelson; Herman Spiegal; Gene Aubrey; S.I. Morris; Leo Linbeck Jr.; (D) Henry Pfisterrer;(D) George Brown; (D) W. Frizzell; Robert Venturi; Sybil Maholy-Nagy; Otto Hula; Vladamir Kagen; Gamal El-Zogby; Alfonso deMatteis; Warren Bellows; Victor Lundy; Zuhair Fayez; Omar Radi and Rashid Saad Al-Rashid.

Former Employers/Sponsors Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

ARAMCO; KFUPM; Azmi Abdul Hadi; Aziz Al-Suhaimi; Ziad A. Zaidan; F.E. Basil; Faisal Sudairy; A.F. Jizawi; Khalid ElSeif and King Faisal University Since August 3, 1981.

Contact Address: 1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone:941-543-2736

Researched Publications : Refereed and Peer-reviewed Journals:

Barie Fez-Barringten;"monographs":

1. "Architecture the making of metaphors"

Main Currents in Modern Thought/Center for Integrative Education; Sep.-Oct. 1971, Vol. 28 No.1, New Rochelle, New York.

2."Schools and metaphors"

Main Currents in Modern Thought/Center for Integrative Education Sep.-Oct. 1971, Vol. 28 No.1, New Rochelle, New York.

3."User's metametaphoric phenomena of architecture and Music":

“METU”(Middle East Technical University: Ankara, Turkey): May 1995"

Journal of the Faculty of Architecture

4."Metametaphors and Mondrian : Neo-plasticism and its' influences in architecture" Unpublished,1993

5. "The Metametaphor of architectural education",

North Cypress, Turkish University. December, 1997

6."Mosques and metaphors" Unpublished,1993

7."The basis of the metaphor of Arabia" Unpublished,1993

8."The conditions of Arabia in metaphor" Unpublished,1993

9. "The metametaphor theorem"

Architectural Scientific Journal, Vol. No. 8; 1994 Beirut Arab University.

10. "Arabias metaphoric images" Unpublished,1993

11."The context of Arabia in metaphor" Unpublished,1993

12. "A partial metaphoric vocabulary of Arabia"

“Architecture: University of Technology in Datutop; February 1995 Finland

13."The Aesthetics of the Arab architectural metaphor"

“International Journal for Housing Sccience and its applications”

Coral Gasles, Florida.1993

14."Multi-dimensional metaphoric thinking"

Open House, September 1997: Vol. 22; No. 3, United Kingdom: Newcastle uponTyne

15."Teaching the techniques of making architectural metaphors

in the twenty-first century."

Journal of King Abdul Aziz University

Engg..Sciences;Jeddah:Code :BAR/223/0615:OCT.2.1421 H.


For more information contact us: or

1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239-543-2736

Conferences, Professional meetings, seminars and symposia; "Presentations":

1. Paris Conference of the American Institute of Architects 1996

"Organizing the Architectural Profession in the Middle-East"

Special Guest Speaker.

2. King Fahd University of Petrolium and Minerals: 1983

"Qualifications for Architects in Saudi Arabia":

(Minestrial Resolution previously issued by King Khalid)

3. Yale University: "Architecture and the making of metaphors" 1968 Editorial Board of "Perspecta" (Yale's Architectural Journal")

4. Project Management Institute: 1980

"Communications in Project Management using metaphors"

Drexell, Pennsylvania

5. Ohio University: "Industrial Architecture" Athens, Ohio 1972

6. Bureau of Standards: "Campus Planning Report" by Serge Chermayeff Graphics and Editorial work with Alexander Tzones 1967

Full Length Books:

1. B. Fez-Barringten, "Project Manual Standards"

John Wiley and Sons, (Contract to publish-only- New York. 1981

2. B. Fez-Barringten, "72 European Cities - Sketch Book" 1965

Unpublished. Privately purchased.

3. B. Fez-Barringten, "Leipzig "in" metaphor" Unpublished.

4. B. Fez-Barringten, "A metaphoric perspective of the Arabian Built-

Environemnt" Unpublished.

5. B. Fez-Barringten, "Boats and Buildings of Tarot Island" Unpublished.

Book Reviews:

"Evolution of the House/From caves to Co-ops" by Stephen Gardner; MacMillan Publishing Co. New York, 1974 (Not yet published)

Articles in Trade Journals and Magazines etc.:

1. B. Fez-Barringten/Lee Ryder; "Pollution Architecture" Progressive Architecture. November,1971

2. B. Fez-Barringten; "Pop-Architecture; Architectural Record October, 1970

"AIG/ME" Newsletter 1994 and 1995.

Contact Address contact us:;1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers,

Florida 33903; USA: telephone: 239-217 0783

Manuals, Plans, Study Guides:

1. Member of Technical Committee- 1992-1993

King Faisal University

Report to the Higher Committee for the "Dammam Campus Plan"

2. El-Seif Company, "Business plan" 1985

B. Fez-Barringten and Michael Joseph Murray.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

3. Arieb Company, "Business plan" 1986

B. Fez-Barringten and Robert Vinton

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

4. Gulf Oil Corporation, "Project management system" 1976

B. Fez-Barringten

Reston, Virginia./Gulf Oil Real Estate Development Company.

5. ARAMCO, "Project engineer's manual" 1982

B. Fez-Barringten and A. Lee Griffith

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia/Research Planning Department (RPD)

6. ARAMCO "Department policy manual" 1982

B. Fez-Barringten

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia/Research Planning Department (RPD)

7. ARAMCO "OJT/Training Curriculum Guide" 1982

B. Fez-Barringten

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia/Research Planning Department (RPD)

8. Laboratories for metaphoric environments; "Prospectus" 1971

B. Fez-Barringten and Henry Classon

Manhatten, New York

9. AADO/Al-Suhaimi Architectural Design Office; "Brochure" 1983

B. Fez-Barringten

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Contact;1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239- 217 0783

List of publications/papers/articles:


Author (s)





B. Fez-Barringten


The Metametaphor Theorem

Scientific Architectural Journal, Vol. No. 8,

Beirut Arab University


B. Fez-Barringten


"A Partial Metaphoric Vocabulary of Arabia"

Datutop; Finland 36120, Suinlila


B. Fez-Barringten and Robert Vinton



"Business Plan"


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


B. Fez-Barringten and M.J. Murray



"Business Plan"


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


B. Fez-Barringten and

A. Lee Griffith



"Project Engineers Manual"


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


B. Fez-Barringten



R.P.D. "Department Policy Manual"


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


B. Fez-Barringten


ARAMCO "OJT/Training Curriculum Guide"


Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


B. Fez-Barringten


Gulf Oil Corporation "Project Management System"

Gulf Oil Corporation Reston, Virginia, U.S.A.


B. Fez-Barringten


Lee Ryder


"Pollution Architecture"

Progressive Architecture

November 1971


B. Fez-Barringten


"Architecture the Making of Metaphors"

Main Currents in Modern Thought - Sep-Oct. 1971, Vol. 28, No. 1


B. Fez-Barringten


"Schools and Metaphors"

Main Currents in Modern Thought

Sep-Oct.1971, Vol. 28, No. 1


B. Fez-Barringten


"Architecture the Making of Metaphors"

Yale School of Architecture Proceedings of Lecture Series


B. Fez-Barringten



Architectural Record -

October 1970

Contact Us:;1011 La Paloma Blvd./North Fort Myers, Florida-33903; USA telephone: 239- 217 0783

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